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2001, 2023

CDT Seeks New Digital Equity Funds

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The California Department of Technology (CDT) submitted a Budget Change Proposal (BCP) last week seeking nine new positions and an additional $2.5 million fund to implement the State Digital Equity Plan. 

2001, 2023

Will California launch digital IDs this year?

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The State of California will join a handful of other states that offer digital IDs, according to Governor Newsom who said the state is months away from allowing constituents to use their smartphones as a driver's license or proof of identity.  The governor made the announcement on January 10 when he proposed this year's state budget. 

510, 2022

State Launches Transit Fare Discount App

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The California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP) and the California Department of Technology (CDT) are partnering to launch a new app called Cal-ITP Benefits that allows transit riders the ability to access discounted fares if verified as eligible.

1208, 2022

Bonaguro: Put Down Your Digital Hammer

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California Chief Data Officer Joy Bonaguro recently gave a presentation that unpacked and re-imagined the digital status quo of governmental modernization.  Bonaguro’s presentation, titled “Put down your digital hammer,” conveys an idea that’s simple, but revolutionary: “Instead of dragging our processes, regulations, and laws into the online age, maybe we should take a step back. Should the things we digitize even exist?”

108, 2022

California Announces Health Data Exchange Framework

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The framework serves as a single data sharing agreement and “common set of policies and procedures” that–starting in 2024–will facilitate and govern the process in which health information is shared between health care entities and government agencies. 

206, 2022

Cradle to Career System Forms Data Task Forces

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The Office of Cradle-to-Career Data, a data system that tracks education outcomes, has formed a pair of task forces made up of data experts that will meet four times to discuss data-driven definitions for teaching and employment, per an announcement.

2005, 2022

Education Data System Announces Data Sharing Agreements

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California's developing education data system has signed legal agreements with 15 agencies and education organizations to pave the way for new data sets on student progress throughout the state's education system, the Cradle-to-Career System announced.  

405, 2022

Newsom Signs Blockchain Executive Order

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Crypto assets and blockchain technology make up $3 trillion on the global market. Around 16 percent of adults have invested in or traded cryptocurrency.  Gov. Gavin Newsom is bringing some regulation to a burgeoning, wide-open market. On May 4, Gov. Newsom signed an executive deal that will begin to create a regulatory approach that will foster an industry and workforce that utilizes blockchain technology in California. 

2204, 2022

Modular Contracting Legislation Moves Forward

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California's history of failed IT projects is undeniable.  For years, the Sacramento technology community has read stories about large-scale projects with major budget overruns, going far beyond schedule, or being altogether canceled, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. 

2503, 2022

CDT Announces Technology Modernization Fund Round Two Now Open

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The California Department of Technology this week opened round two for proposals to be funded by the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF). The $25 million TMF was created in the 2021-02 budget that will "allow CDT to provide quick funding to state departments to invest in technology modernization efforts or to stabilize IT systems at risk of failure.”    It will fund small efforts that can quickly provide high-value services and fund urgent needs identified by the state’s Stabilization Service. "Projects must have clear, concrete goals, a viable and quick path to delivery, and strong support from the requesting entity’s executive [...]

1003, 2022

Legislation Aims to Crack Down on Data Brokers

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SB 1059 will make annual registration and reporting requirements stricter for data brokers and doubles penalties for data traffickers who break the law by failing to disclose data breaches or failing to report information collection from minors.

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