California’s latest tech tools to combat wildfires

By Published On: July 9, 2023

Highlighting the state’s increased use of technology, firefighters, and aircraft to combat wildfires ahead of what is predicted to be an intense wildfire season, Governor Newsom touted the state’s latest high-tech tools on Thursday. California is deploying AI, satellites, cameras, drones, and real-time intelligence to fight fires more efficiently.

“In just five years, California’s wildfire response has seen a tech revolution. We’re enlisting cutting-edge technology in our efforts to fight wildfires, exploring how innovations like artificial intelligence can help us identify threats quicker and deploy resources smarter,” said Newsom in a press statement. “And with the world’s largest aerial firefighting force and more firefighters on the ground than ever before, we’re keeping more Californians safer from wildfire. While these resources will help protect our communities, Californians need to remain vigilant for what could be an intense wildfire season this year.”

The state is incorporating military-grade technology, using drone-based software, AI-enabled tools, and analytics for real-time analysis of ground and atmospheric conditions. Low-Earth Orbit Satellites are being used to detect and monitor wildfires, and the Fire Integrated Real-time Intelligence System provides real-time data and analysis on emerging disaster incidents.

California has also invested in LiDAR technology to map high fire-risk regions and has expanded its firefighting fleet with additional aircraft.

The state has experienced significant vegetation growth due to wet conditions, increasing the risk of wildfires.

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