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A.B.No. 462Carrillo.Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Act.
A.B.No. 691Chau.Optometry: SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations: SARS-CoV-2 clinical laboratory tests or examinations. (Urgency)
A.B.No. 501Cristina Garcia.Reduction of human remains and the disposition of reduced human remains.
A.B.No. 269Patterson.Nursing: licensure: renewal fees: reduced fee.
A.B.No. 492Patterson.Cosmetology students: externships.
A.B.No. 287Quirk.Civil actions: statute of limitations.
A.B.No. 1015Blanca Rubio.Board of Registered Nursing: workforce planning: nursing programs: clinical placements.
A.B.No. 1026Smith.Business licenses: veterans.
A.B.No. 852Wood.Nurse practitioners: scope of practice: practice without standardized procedures.
A.B.No. 1034Bloom.Cannabis: retail preparation, sale, or consumption of noncannabis food and beverage products.
A.B.No. 1282Bloom.Veterinary medicine: blood banks for animals.
A.B.No. 1222Chen.Cannabis packaging: beverages.
A.B.No. 651Gipson.Endowment care cemeteries: examination, investigation, and discipline.
A.B.No. 1328Irwin.Clinical laboratory technology and pharmacists.
A.B.No. 1014McCarty.Cannabis: retailers: delivery: vehicles.
A.B.No. 471Low.Bureau of Automotive Repair: administration: citations: safety inspections.