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A.B.No. 625Arambula.State Public Defender: indigent defense: study.
A.B.No. 1440Bauer-Kahan.Civil rights crimes.
A.B.No. 960Bonta.Medical parole.
A.B.No. 990Bonta.Prisons: inmate visitation.
A.B.No. 939Cervantes.Sex offenses: evidence.
A.B.No. 1247Chau.Criminal procedure: limitations of actions.
A.B.No. 1474Gabriel.Sentencing: consideration of costs.
A.B.No. 1165Gipson.Juvenile facilities: storage and use of chemical agents.
A.B.No. 1003Lorena Gonzalez.Wage theft: grand theft.
A.B.No. 94Jones-Sawyer.Correctional officers.
A.B.No. 750Jones-Sawyer.Crimes: perjury.
A.B.No. 124Kamlager.Sentencing.
A.B.No. 127Kamlager.Arrest warrants: declaration of probable cause.
A.B.No. 760Lackey.Prisoners: friction ridge impressions.
A.B.No. 1228Lee.Supervised persons: release.
A.B.No. 1224Levine.Sentencing: special circumstances.
A.B.No. 1191McCarty.Firearms: tracing.
A.B.No. 557Muratsuchi.Hate crimes: hotline.
A.B.No. 1057Petrie-Norris.Firearms.
A.B.No. 1193Blanca Rubio.Solicitation of prostitution from a minor.
A.B.No. 1210Ting.Board of Parole Hearings: commissioners.
A.B.No. 1225Waldron.The Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act.