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Key Bills on Agenda:

S.B.No. 795 Beall. Economic development: housing: workforce development: climate change infrastructure.

S.B.No. 801 Glazer. Electrical corporations: wildfire mitigation plans: deenergization: public safety protocol.

S.B.No. 862 Dodd. Planned power outage: public safety.

S.B.No. 952 Nielsen. Sales and use taxes: exemption: backup electrical generators: deenergization events.

S.B.No. 1012 Hurtado. Oil and gas wells: hazardous or idle-deserted wells and facilities.

S.B.No. 1069 Jackson. Telecommunications: emergencies and natural disasters: critical communications infrastructure.

S.B.No. 1156 Archuleta. Lithium-ion batteries: illegal disposal: fire prevention.

S.B.No. 1215 Stern. Electricity: microgrids.

S.B.No. 1258 Stern. California Climate Technology and Infrastructure Financing Act.

S.B.No. 1312 McGuire. Electrical corporations: undergrounding of infrastructure: deenergization.

S.B.No. 1320 Stern. Climate change: California Climate Change Assessment.

S.B.No. 1348 Stern. Fire prevention: vegetation management: public education: grants: defensible space: fire hazard severity zones: forest management.