Governor Appoints Chief IT Project Officer

By Published On: November 4, 2021

Chinyere ‘Chi’ Emodi has been appointed as the new Chief Project Officer and Deputy Director for the Office of Statewide Project Delivery at the California Department of Technology (CDT), Gov. Newsom announced on Wednesday.

She brings 24 years of state service, including experience in IT strategic planning, information security, enterprise architecture management, and interfacing departmental legacy systems. She also managed various complex mission-critical services and employed large-business transformation projects.  She spent five years at CDTworking as a principal/data processing manager.

Much of Emodi’s career was spent in critical IT oversight positions directing intricate and sensitive IT projects. Since the start of this year, she served as director of application services at the Los Rios Community College District, where she managed strategic planning, policy implementation, and operations.  Prior to Los Rios, Emodi served in senior-level positions within FI$Cal as assistant deputy director of its Workforce Development Center, deputy director of the Project Management Division, and chief information officer of its Information Technology Division, according to the CDT.

Emodi’s announcement is among a series of new executive hires this year at CDT, including:

  • Michael Cave, Chief Product Officer (September)
  • Phoebe Peronto, Deputy State Chief Technology Innovation Officer (September)
  • Pamela Haase, Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives  (August)
  • Scott Adams, Deputy Director for Broadband and Digital Literacy (April)
  • Russ Nichols, Chief Deputy Director (February)
  • Liana M. Bailey-Crimmins, Deputy Director of the Office of Technology Services and State Chief Technology Officer (February)
  • Rick Klau, Deputy Director of Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) and State Chief Technology Innovation Officer (February)

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