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609, 2023

Executive order calls for study on AI use in state government

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order aimed at preparing California for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in state government. The executive order calls for the state to study the risks and benefits of using AI, focusing on ethics, transparency, and trust while maintaining California's position as a global AI leader.

1808, 2023

Legislature Adopts Resolution on AI Principles

The California Legislature has adopted a major policy stance on the use of artificial intelligence with the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 17, authored by Senator Dodd (D-Napa).  The resolution commits the state to the principles articulated in President Biden's "Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights," unveiled by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy last fall.

1008, 2023

California to develop hydrogen market strategy

The all-encompassing approach aims to build a renewable hydrogen market akin to the Zero-Emission Vehicle Market Development Strategy to help the state progress toward zero emissions. The move is vital for achieving California's climate objectives, including a clean electric grid and net-zero carbon emissions.

1107, 2023

Major Infrastructure Projects Approved in Budget

Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a series of budget and infrastructure bills aimed at accelerating major projects across California, with a particular emphasis on the state's climate and clean energy goals. The laws aim to speed up construction timelines on key projects by streamlining permitting, cutting red tape, and introducing new project delivery methods.

903, 2023

State Parks Launches Digital Passport App

If you are a frequent visitor of state parks in the Golden State, California has a new passport app for you aimed at improving access and engagement across 280 parks.   “Spending time outside has many proven benefits almost as numerous as we have parks in this state, improving mental and physical health, inspiring creativity and connection, and helping visitors discover their world,” said California State Parks Director Armando Quintero in a press release. “Plus, it’s fun! This new Passport Program adds a layer of play that’ll help entice new visitors - especially digital natives and folks more accustomed to screens [...]

2112, 2022

CPUC Overhauls Rooftop Solar Proposal

The California Public Utilities Commission has released a long-awaited overhaul of its proposal to regulate rooftop solar installations, removing an unpopular new fee but reducing how much utilities would pay homeowners for supplying power to the grid.

1306, 2022

Bailey-Crimmins Appointed State CIO and CDT Director

Her 34-year career with the state began with an internship and has spanned eight different departments, including prior information technology roles with California Correctional Health Care Services. 

3103, 2022

What is Challenge-Based Procurement?

What is a challenge-based procurement? Former San Francisco Chief Innovation Officer and City Innovate Co-CEO Jay Nath talks with Christina about new approaches to technology procurement. Watch the 10-minute interview here.

803, 2022

What happens if California does not repay federal unemployment funds?

Christina Gagnier talks with Tom Sheehy, Principal at the Sheehy Strategy Group and former California Department of Finance executive, about efforts to pay back federal funding that kept the claims system running. They also discuss a potential tax increase on employers if federal funding is not repaid. 

103, 2022

Smart Health Cards, Open-Source Technology and What’s Next for California’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Last fall, California successfully launched a digital vaccine card and shared the code with other states -- it's a success story on rapid deployment and open-source technology.   Rick Klau, the state's chief technology innovation officer gives GovReport Host Christina Gagnier the backstory and talks about what's next for the California Department of Technology.   Watch the 14-minute interview here.   

2302, 2022

Photos: Government Innovation California – Feb. 22, 2022

The Government Innovation California conference was held on February 22, 2022, in Sacramento.  More than 175 attendees registered for the day-long conference that featured speakers from state and local governments and technology companies.  Based in Toronto, Canada, Public Sector Network hosted the event, the organization's first in California. 

2001, 2022

Former State CIO Carlos Ramos Talks About User-Centered Services, Broadband Adoption and Silver Linings from the Pandemic

Former State Chief Information Officer Carlos Ramos talks with Christina Gagnier about his recent appointment to the Board of the California Emerging Technology Fund. They also discuss his views on public service, customer-centric digital services, challenges to broadband adoption, some silver linings from the pandemic, and the overall use of technology to serve the people of California. Watch the short interview here.

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