2104, 2023

NTIA Seeks Policy Comments on AI Regulations

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The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is seeking comments on potential policies that might foster trust in AI systems via audits, certifications, and other mechanisms, according to an April 11 statement on their website.

2403, 2023

How Will California Oversee AI in State Agencies?

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Newly introduced legislation would create a new office within California state government to oversee state agencies' use of artificial intelligence.  Senate Bill 313 by Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa) proposes to establish the Office of Artificial Intelligence within the California Department of Technology, with authority over designing, using, and deploying automated decision systems that use artificial intelligence. 

2303, 2023

Photos: Government Innovation California

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Hosted by Public Sector Network, the Government Innovation California conference was held on Friday, March 17 in Sacramento.  With opening remarks by State CIO Liana Bailey Crimmins, the technology industry event included more than 250 attendees registered, with 25 partners and 19 speakers at the daylong event focused on government technology.  

411, 2022

California says goodbye to late payments and late fees with this new payment tool

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The California Department of FISCal (FI$Cal) released a new digital payment history tool that is sure to make life easier for state suppliers and contractors. The "FI$Cal Purchase Order Payment History Search" tool provides real-time information on payments and will serve thousands of suppliers receiving state payments. The tool, which launched in April, will also help the state save funds by preventing late payments and late fees to contractors.

510, 2022

State Launches Transit Fare Discount App

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The California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP) and the California Department of Technology (CDT) are partnering to launch a new app called Cal-ITP Benefits that allows transit riders the ability to access discounted fares if verified as eligible.

310, 2022

Deloitte Secures $46M California DMV Modernization Contract

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The New York headquartered company is part of the DMV’s Digital eXperience Platform (DxP), a department-wide project to remake and re-engineer the DMV’s services from the ground up. Its aspirations are Amazonian, attempting to mimic the intuitive ease of ecommerce within the nuances of form submissions and renewals.

1807, 2022

Legislature Approves Audit of CDT Oversight Role

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The California Joint Legislative Audit Committee has approved an audit request by Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris to examine the California Department of Technology’s role in the oversight of state IT projects. 

2006, 2022

Can blockchain technology help prevent unemployment fraud?

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Can blockchain technology help fight fraud at the Employment Development Department?  If pending legislation is approved this year, a study by the Office of Digital Innovation (ODI) will aim to answer that question.  Assembly Bill 2781 by Assemblymember Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) last week unanimously passed the Senate Governmental Organization Committee advancing closer to final approval.  The measure calls for the ODI to study how blockchain technology might help prevent fraud.

2505, 2022

Ten AI Government Tech Startups to Watch in 2022

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The impending world of AI presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to offer governments a new level of service scalability, efficiency, and security. In fact, based on adoption, AI is likely to be a necessity to manage government’s ever-evolving service needs.

405, 2022

Newsom Signs Blockchain Executive Order

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Crypto assets and blockchain technology make up $3 trillion on the global market. Around 16 percent of adults have invested in or traded cryptocurrency.  Gov. Gavin Newsom is bringing some regulation to a burgeoning, wide-open market. On May 4, Gov. Newsom signed an executive deal that will begin to create a regulatory approach that will foster an industry and workforce that utilizes blockchain technology in California. 

803, 2022

What happens if California does not repay federal unemployment funds?

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Christina Gagnier talks with Tom Sheehy, Principal at the Sheehy Strategy Group and former California Department of Finance executive, about efforts to pay back federal funding that kept the claims system running. They also discuss a potential tax increase on employers if federal funding is not repaid. 

103, 2022

Smart Health Cards, Open-Source Technology and What’s Next for California’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer

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Last fall, California successfully launched a digital vaccine card and shared the code with other states -- it's a success story on rapid deployment and open-source technology.   Rick Klau, the state's chief technology innovation officer gives GovReport Host Christina Gagnier the backstory and talks about what's next for the California Department of Technology.   Watch the 14-minute interview here.   

1702, 2022

Two Bills Aim to Tackle No-Bid Contracts in California Government

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Since the pandemic's onset, California state government has awarded technology-related and other no-bid contracts worth more than $3 billion to at least 30 technology and health care companies, according to a Kaiser Health News analysis. Overall, the state entered into more than 8,000 no-bid contracts in 2020 alone — 80 of which total more than $25 million and amount to more than $11.9 billion combined in spending, according to a press release.

2001, 2022

Former State CIO Carlos Ramos Talks About User-Centered Services, Broadband Adoption and Silver Linings from the Pandemic

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Former State Chief Information Officer Carlos Ramos talks with Christina Gagnier about his recent appointment to the Board of the California Emerging Technology Fund. They also discuss his views on public service, customer-centric digital services, challenges to broadband adoption, some silver linings from the pandemic, and the overall use of technology to serve the people of California. Watch the short interview here.

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